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Link Vault helps you manage and organize your favorite links, making browsing simpler and more efficient.

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Effortless Link Organization

Save links with a single click directly from your favorite webpages. Link Vault captures the title and URL automatically.

Tag and Categorize with Ease

Stay organized by adding tags and categories to your links. Easily find what you need, whether it's work-related, recipes, or travel.

Seamless Data Management

Securely store your link collection with IndexedDB. Your data is safe and accessible, ensuring you never lose your valuable links.

Download and Transfer Your Links

Download your link list as a JSON file for easy transfer and backup. Restore your links effortlessly when switching devices.

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Save memory, not just computer memory, but the mental kind too—by keeping fewer tabs open with Link Vault. Get started with Link Vault today and take control of your browsing experience!

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